Hey guys its Kai me and Ashleigh don't have a Tumblr together anymore , idk why.
But i'am still going to write prefs ,imagines and More...
Some of the Topics are ....
Youtubers,bands ,and people also more so yeah
So if you want to check my twitter out its ; @kaihutches_1D , my youtube channel is kaiotherwise .love you guys ~ Kai
lifetime-bucket-list-tv asked: Hey :D *privately answer* I was just wondering if you could check me out on YouTube? :D my friend and I really want to make a thing out of youtube & it would mean the world if you could help, give us feedback, subscribe, share, like & if you didn't like the video tell us why and we'll try fix it :D Our YouTube channel is called LifetimeBucketList :D please check us out :) I understand if you delete the message as spam but thanks for taking your time to read :) x


Hey I ’ ll check it out no problem I’ll subscribe (; 💛💙😉

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